Evolution offers two training systems – the synthetic training and strategic operations. Created to enhance human performance both systems provide unique benefits including customized training and real life scenario imitation.

2-Story, 32-Room Re-Configurable Close Quarter Training Habitat (CQTH)
  • Conflict Kinetics (CK) adapts the science of professional sports training to marksmanship
  • Personalized Data Collection for every trainee
  • Tactical Training Center Facility Features
  • Improves shooter confidence, shooter mechanics, ocular capability and increased readiness and lethality for all levels of shooters; novice, intermediate and expert
  • The Reconfigurable Habitat Unit (RHU) can be changed to prevent training audience from “gaming the game” during training events
  • Ultimate Training Munition (UTM) up to 5.56 / Simulated day / night / weather
  • Dynamic force on force training, K-9 capabilities, drug interdiction, Autonomous Aerial Vehicles
  • Mobile modular structure (up to 32 rooms) that allows for training in multiple environments
  • 18’ height to include catwalks for Team Supervisors and RSO and evaluation purposes (2 Stories)
  • Our Strategic Operations includes a 30 room 2- story shoot house in which we use synthetic rifle and pistol rounds to immerse trainees into a real life scenarios.

Night Vision Operator
Direct Threat Care
Multi-Assault Counter Terrorism-
Action Capabilities MACTAC
Counter Ambush Tactics
Designated Marksman
Mechanical and Shotgun Breaching
Police Pistol
Police Marksman I (Sniper)
Police Marksman II (Sniper)
Ballistic Shield Operator
Route Planning
Sniper Tactics and Concealment

Low light Pistol/Rifle
Shoot House
Ballistic Shield
Active Shooter Response
Combat Shooting
Close Quarters Combat (CQC)/ Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Tactics and Assaults
Small Team Hostage Emergency Hostage Rescue​
Long Range Precision Shooting
High Angle Precision Shooting
Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Personal Security Detail (PSD) and Executive Protection
Vehicle Interdiction
Weapon Concealment
Urban Warfare
Heavy Weapons Operation/ Machine Gun Operation
TCCC / Combat Medicine / Medical
Foreign Weapons Familiarization and Training
Basic Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun

Our Facility boasts the following capabilities.

  • First and ONLY training facility of its kind – Inside the Beltway, significantly reducing travel times and costs.
  • Facility has 24-hour, 7 days a week capability to meet team availability and training schedule requirements.
  • Through use of simulated ammunitions and Laser Technologies – we are reducing range, ammunitions and training costs while maximizing range and training time.
  • Facility was developed through key long-term relationships in the NCR with Law Enforcement Officer, Military and Special Forces.
  • Private Entry / Egress to maintain anonymity.
  • Team classrooms, preparation rooms, full-kitchen, and showers
  • Meal catering can be provided upon request.
  • Onsite Gun Smith and Retail support components.

State of the Art Gunsmith Department

  • Cerakote Painting
  • Laser Engraving
  • Sights
  • Scopes
  • Part Kit Builds Trigger Jobs
  • Re-blueing
  • Refinishing
  • Firearm repair and more!