About Us

Evolution Training Centers (ETC) is a veteran-owned and operated national firearms training academy. ETC started as an idea to provide firearms training within an all-encompassing facility to meet the many unique needs of the federal, state, local, military, law enforcement (LEO), and private agencies within the Beltway.

Our team members bring over 80 years of combined military service from various Special Operations Forces and Units, the US Naval Special Warfare, US Navy EOD, US Army Operations, Special Operations Forces and Civilian Law Enforcement Organizations.

We truly believe that our experienced “In the Field” operational staff can accommodate and train a wide range of group types, sizes and training needs for federal, state, military and local organizations.

Mr. Gerald A. Rapp Jr. – Founder/Director

A combat veteran with over 22 years of service in the US Marine Corps and US Naval Reserves supporting Naval Special Warfare and other Special Operations Forces.
Jerry also has extensive operational and training experience in Tactical Combat Shooting, Precision Marksman and Advanced Weapons, Explosive Detection and Disarmament, Maritime Radiological and Nuclear Detection, Anti-swimmer, Underwater Search and Inspection, CBRNE Detection and Protection, Rotary Wing Intercept (RWAI) and Aviation Use of Force (AUF), Military Diving, Fast Rope Helicopter Insertion, and Hook and Climb Small Boat Insertions. Military Heavy & Small Arms Instructor, NRA Instructor, and Small Arms Armorer. Jerry is a subject matter expert in Deep Submergence/Scope of Certifications manned diving systems (LOT, LOC, DDS, ASDS and SRDRS) for NAVSEA Headquarters.
He is a proven project manager with over 25 years of design, construction, and test and evaluation experience in the marine engineering, construction and salvage industries. Managed US defense projects for cost, scope and schedule up to $80 million.