Welcome to Evolution Training Centers!

Evolution Training Centers’ facility is the absolute essential training system to assist our federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and the US military. Our training is aimed at enhancing decision-making, weapons handling, and confidence/control in hazardous engagements (de-escalation). Our brand new 15,000 square foot training facility located inside the beltway, is open around the clock (24/7) to meet any intensive training requirements under tight schedules. Our facility reduces overall agencies training expenditures, ammunition expenses, travel times while providing a unique and expert-level training experience.


ETC facility’s prime training asset is the largest indoor force-on-force Close Quarters Training facility located less than 10 miles from DC proper. The Close Quarters Training Habitat (CQTH) is a one of a kind, state-of-the-art, 6,000 square-foot indoor office building, encompassing a 360-degree field of fire over 2 stories and 32 completely configurable rooms and hallways, designed for use for both day and night training sequences.

CQTH Training Objectives and Skills Enhancement:

  1. Development of situational awareness in unknown & complex venues.
  2. Decision-making (CQB), problem solving, visual acuity, visual enhancement, related special drills.
  3. Room Entries
  4. Vehicle dismounting drills
  5. Day/Night time environment training                                                             
  6. Officer rescue drills
  7. Team Communication
  8. Threat assessments (IED, Drugs, Active Shooter)
  9. High-risk search warrants
  10. Live interactive role players/trained K9s (if desired)
  11. Generate any situation/scenario/atmosphere to enhance teams training needs and requirements.


ETC also boasts the largest Conflict Kinetics (CK) Synthetic Gunfighter Gym in the United States.  This training system includes a 15-person Flat Wall Trainer, 220-degree Trainer, Individual Flat Wall Trainer, 800-square foot Synthetic Shoot House and is complete with a “Titan Fitness” CrossFit Gym (heart rate elevation drills). 

This proven and holistic training system, used by US military and police force top-level operators, dramatically improves readiness, lethality, and survivability with purpose-built drills of escalating difficulty leveraging human performance improvement technology producing measurable results. Paired with Ultimate Training Munitions Ammunition (UTM) (Blue & Red), this allows the shooter (and/or their team) the opportunity to train with the CQTH and CK systems simultaneously to give one a complete synthetic indoor live fire experience.  (Conflict Kinetics – Synthetic Training, Adaptive Marksmanship Training ™ )

CK Gym’s Training Objectives and Skills Enhancement:

  1. Individual Stats and Empirical Data
  2. DE-ESCALATION training
  3. Indoor Weapons Baseline Zero (With data to 600 yds)
  4. Basic target acquisition
  5. Weapon reload, malfunction drills
  6. Enhanced economy of motion
  7. Shooting from multiple positions (standing, seated, kneeling, prone, etc.)
  8. Training and challenging mind and body (Full-service Titan Fitness Gym)
  9. Post-shooting Officer training (Getting back into the saddle)
  10. Vehicle stop and dismount drills